One of my biggest passions is to make art, films and books––artistic
creativity feeds my soul. But even bigger is my passion to turn people
on to things that allowed me to wake up!

It all started with my tumultuous childhood––beatings, foster homes,
scheming relatives––that instilled in me such despair that in college,
I was afraid I'd die before my time.

Thankfully, I discovered the spiritual path, which led me to journeys East (meditation in the Himalayas, Chinese Kung-Fu), and journeys West (spiritual-psychology, Meso-American shamanic practice). In 1995, with teacher/shaman, don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), I "jumped to the sun" and woke up! In spite of the burdens from the past, because of the burdens from the past, I'm free!

Since then, through artwork and seminars, I've been inspired to distill the highest wisdoms, East and West, into practical pathways to personal freedom. The result: Map of Desire, a blueprint for self-fulfillment.