Maps have long fascinated human beings. They tell us where we are, where we've been, and where we are going. Map of Desire, however, is not an ordinary guide. It charts pathways through inner landscapes, tracks the trajectory of our aspirations and, ultimately, provides a working blueprint for personal fulfillment.

With so much of contemporary life in turmoil, how do we face and maneuver past our own fears? Jobs seem uncertain, loved ones feel distant, and dreams appear hopeless. So, what's the best course of action? Our formal institutions––religions, governments, and corporations––seem so removed from our personal well-being that many of us have sought to blaze our own unique paths towards self-fulfillment. But how do we start, what are the guidelines, where are the maps?

This book intends to answer those questions. Through a series of "maps," and a story, we'll find a candid assessment of how we came to our precarious predicament, and a blueprint that shows, step-by-step, the way from turmoil to transcendence.

These twelve blueprints map the natural law of creation––quite simply, how "thoughts take form." They reveal the most common road-blocks to enlightened action, and make plain that through Attunement to Being, Detachment from Outcomes, and Healing the Wounds, we will find the three clear, time-tested pathways to material and spiritual well-being.


You will find four elements in these pages:


These blueprints reveal the inner landscape within each individual such as heart, mind, intuition, and ego. Like any map, it shows visually the relationship between these elements, how they interact, how they can be cultivated and/or sidestepped befitting our paths through life.

Furthermore, the series of twelve blueprints tell the story of our evolution over time beginning with our source in Being, the development of the miracle of our human form, and continuing to where we are now––facing the dire plight of our lives filled with violence, corruption and greed? No wonder many of us feel lost and confused and yearn for a way out of our predicament. Three of the maps fulfill that yearning by showing time-tested pathways out of our malaise, until finally, in the last three maps, we're shown clear trajectories of how our lives can be when filled with freedom and joyous creativity.


As a running commentary on the maps, the text brings clarity to the diagrams while highlighting fundamental principles relevant to self-fulfillment. Authentic anecdotes bring to life all topics discussed.


Interspersed throughout the text are "Illuminations," mytho-poetic commentary on the text that embodies the emotional/psychological essence under discussion. Designed to appeal to one's imagination and intuition, they are highlighted by their placement in blue boxes.


To gain-first hand experience of situations described in these chapters, we offer powerful exercises that have proven highly effective in workshops over the years. They relate directly to Chapters #7, #8, and #9 of the "three clear paths" towards self-fulfillment, and appear towards the end of the book.

May the Map of Desire help your journey towards self-fulfillment be filled with adventure and joy.