by Don Miguel Ruiz

MAP OF DESIRE is a truly unique tool for personal liberation. It consists of a series of diagrams of inner landscapes. When I first saw them, I was momentarily surprised, "What is this? And why does it seem to represent someone so unaware, so caught by the dream of the planet?" However, as more maps continued to unfold, I saw that they showed a process, the transformation of someone waking up from a dream of hell into a life of personal freedom. Like all maps, its great value was to show us where we are, how we got here, and how best to get where we really want to go.

Step-by-step through a series of beautiful, concise "blueprints," along with a selection of practical exercises, these maps will lead you to discover time-tested pathways to finding true peace and happiness.

With this book, I deeply appreciate how the spiritual wisdom of Toltec masters is now available to the general public through the power of art.

Fu-Ding is unusually qualified to create this project. They bring together his background as an architect and artist, and his high spiritual awareness. From years of experience in Eastern as well as Western spiritual practices, he has become one of the best Toltec teachers I know. He is a nagual, a Master.

So study these maps, follow the guidance, and you will find yourself enjoying your journey towards new levels of self-fulfillment.