A magical story told from the viewpoint of a house which finds a family so it can become a home... First of a series.

"Very soon, my wish came true. I was being built! A wood skeleton made me strong, glass windows let me see, and a big fireplace showed the warmth of my heart."
"From the beginning Billy was full of surprises. One night he was secretly playing ball inside me. I could just feel an accident coming. And then it happened!"
"But some things never changed. The favorite spot for the whole family was always around my fireplace. Here they would tell wonderful stories and make up magical games."


"Fu-Ding's Dream-House wanders the universe providing shelter for our trials and triumphs, a richly unfolding, and poignant image for the psyche and its work."

--Coleman Barks

Author of The Essential Rumi

"Superb! Recapture the spirit of family and the true meaning of home that will stay in your hearts forever."

- don Miguel Ruiz

Author of The Four Agreements

"This warm, humorous and imaginative tale teaches children of all ages how our spiritual, mental and physical properties can be in harmony with each other."

--Sara Canon

Director, Museum and Education

Cultural Affairs Dept. City of LA

"A unique book. Rarely does a children's book help with the belief in the enormous possibilities of our existence. A beautifully told story, Dream-House will captivate children's imagination."

--Brooke Breton

Producer of The Road to El Dorado

Associate-Producer of Star-Trek IV, V, VI

Author leading a DREAM-HOUSE Seminar for children sponsored by theMunicipal Art Gallery,
Cultural Affairs Dept., City of Los Angeles.
Next in series: Dream-House battles the Moon Monsters.
Houses are alive. When I was 14, I saw a picture of "Fallingwater." Frank Lloyd Wright's famous house. That picture inspired me to become an architect and sparked my love affair with houses and buildings that continues to this very day. They are alive! They have feelings and character, and respond to our treatment of them. I see Dream-House as a love letter to houses everywhere, and to children of all ages who dream of magic filling their homes.

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